Technology & Research/Self Evaluation

In a pursuit for a new direction while being unemployed, I have regained my momentum for being hopeful of the future. I finally devoted some time seriously over the past weeks in narrowing my dissertation topic around the concept of the future of higher education for black males in the age of digital learning. As a doctoral student, I am often lonely and bombarded by everyday life. In turn, I may lose focus on my mission and my vision. In addition, I often times acquire a lack of motivation. With this self observation, this had me thinking about looking a little deeper of what was happing to me.

In doing my research, it is mind boggling to see the vastness of literature out in cloud-space about the new phenomenon on digital learning and the future of higher education. I was amazed to learn about open-source learning, virtual learning concepts already in place and students who are already benefiting from that experience of e-learning. Learning such theories in this course have helped me to ignite my enthusiasm to do research and to develop my own application concept of the future of open source learning. As a future doctorate in education, who is learning about analyzing and synthesizing, immediately I begun to realize that I was beginning to view education and technology in a different way. In the beginning of the course, I was pessimistic about my pursuit in higher education, now I am optimistic about the future of education.

In terms of putting it all together – this “big thing” which is the claim of the extinction of the face to face learning and bringing the global education together through social media, sharing of networks –open source, cloud base everything and so forth. It is the debate assignments in cohesive with my cohort which shade great research theories on the favor that we affirm the future of higher education will change as we know today. To include more open source learning in cloud in K-12 education and community colleges. According to Dembicki (2012), the “cloud” is bringing changes to distance education. In the 1990s, emerging software companies were the forerunners in online education, developing proprietary learning management systems (LMS) to serve colleges and jostling for clients.

Today, “cloud” computing delivery and storage of an array of computing services on the Internet coupled with the increased use of mobile devices and other changes in the industry are poised to again alter the face of online education. To me that indicated that there is a great opportunity to expose this new learning theory to the population that is lacking to “achieve the dream” in our urban cities. We must find alternative means to engage our students through online media by incorporating real learning communities.

Technology applications project:

The opportunity to be creative in a class project gives a student ownership of his/her project. This freedom enables the student to put all his/her best foot forward in meeting deadlines and producing quality work. I received much satisfaction from this course assignment, I learned that if I have an imagination I can put my imagination to work and it can become a reality using the resources that are as widely available over the internet for free.

Therefore, for my class project, I decided with the knowledge I gained from the course I would create a website that represents what is happing now in the future of higher education on open source learning. Although the popularity of open source learning have yet to accept this concept, there is much literature and full open networks with free access to their learning resources right now. My technology application is a development of Space Age Invesment Group/ Consultant in collaboration with Space Age

Space Age Univeristy is a student campus network, an online community for college students to share important information facing them at present time. Space Age University enables students to quickly make campus friends on their campus and other campuses across the United States, sell or trade items such as books, electronics and other miscellaneous items. The student campus network goal is to shape the future of college and university campuses and to create a profound impact on almost every aspect of campus life. They can interact with peers on campus to engage in a positive setting using social media.

A wide array of black male images in media music, movies, and television programs take characteristics of black culture, tie them to anti-school identities, violence, and misogyny, and use them as forms of entertainment. Why not get this same idea that seem to overtake our youth in our schools and create a social hub for the students to meet to share their experiences and learn from other student globally to get a much richer experience in the means of incorporating curriculum that is highly engaging using media and other forms of virtual class concepts. It’s already happening as I type. If the universities and colleges don’t take the charge to revolutionize education to reflect the times, somebody else will.