Honson Luma is a Family Investment Specialist II who is originally from Miami, Florida. Honson received a B.A. in Political Science/Public Administration from Florida Memorial University, a Masters in Public Administration from Sojourner-Douglass College, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership at Morgan State University.

Growing up, although Honson traveled a familiar path commonly frequented by minority males in urban communities, he began to choose a more positive route in life as he began to reach manhood. He personally decided to stop complaining about the major problems in the urban community and embarked on a newfound journey to begin the mission of providing aid in resolving those very problems within inter-city communities. He began working for an organization known as Working America which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. While employed with the organization, he worked directly with the community and helped to inform people about local issues that plagued intercity communities. He also worked for the Association for the Community of Reform Now (Acorn) where he worked closely with citizens to educate them about political issues and the importance of voting. Additionally he served as an agent of change while working for Little Haiti Housing Association Inc. where he helped people in low income areas purchase affordable housing. His assistance and guidance providing residents the comfort they needed throughout this process and he provided citizens with foundational knowledge regarding handling day to day challenging situations. That particular opportunity propelled him toward an employment opportunity with the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. While there he helped place families and the homeless in adequate and affordable housing.

Relocating to Baltimore, Maryland afforded Honson many opportunities in the educational arena as well. Honson later accepted a position with the Baltimore City Public Schools System as a Para Educator. It was in a particular inner city middle school in Baltimore City that he revived and spearheaded a program called Best Man that focused on connecting and reengaging minority males to education. Honson is currently employed for the State of Maryland as an Income Maintenance Specialist II, where he directly assists individuals within communities obtain social services and various government assistances such as childcare vouchers, medical assistance for the elderly, and other general welfare needs such as food stamps, etc. Over the course of his budding career, Honson has proven time and time again that our world matters, our community matters, and that we all in some way or another can actively strive to be agents of change for the betterment of mankind. Mr. Luma currently resides in Baltimore City, Maryland.

Professional Affiliations

Space Age Investment Group (SAIG);

Baltimore City Young Democrats;

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

***snapshot interview***

HIP: What has been your motivation behind helping others and how do you implement and promote your strategy in doing so through your current works and affiliations?
HONSON: I always keep in mind that we all are humans. I respect others so I can get the same respect in return. I believe that we all reap what we sow. Therefore, I help others that are in need and give courage to the weak. So when I’m in need and seek for strength, it can be granted. Very critical.

HIP: How have you allowed your personal goals and aspirations serve as an example of how one accomplishes and sustains true success in life?
HONSON:I think we all hold a special key to our destiny. It’s just the matter of locating the key and combination of what you call success. Your purpose driven life. What is your purpose in life is what I ask myself and continue to be driven by that thought every day. I know once one locates this rare find then truly one will cease to worry about what will come or what will be, but live peacefully. Success is not about being rich and having an abundance of material possessions. However, it is an active service to one another that brings true delight to oneself.

HIP: What challenges can you share with others that you may have experienced while getting to where you currently are professionally?

HONSON:When I was growing up there were not as many resources that were available to encourage success as there may have been in a middle or upper class community. With so many negative factors against me I became the statistic that I read about in school.

I grew up in Miami, Florida, which at that time was considered the poorest city in the United States because of lack of affordable housing and neighborhoods infested with drugs. I grew up in Little Haiti but many cities had the same problems such as, Liberty City, and Over Town. Presently, these cities are suffering from gentrification. Ever since I was a young boy, I was told and taught that I would be a failure in life. Books that I read in school informed me that black men who grow up in urban areas would end up with a criminal record or dead by the age of twenty-five. Furthermore, the literature also informed me that young males between the ages of twelve and twenty-one who live in urban areas are most likely to become arrested at least one time for a violent crime or for a drug related activity. Even though there are many negative factors that play a role in a young male’s life who lives in an urban area, those factors were never discussed in school.

There was a time when I admired people in my neighborhood for having nice cars and nice clothes because many expensive material possessions were not frequently seen in my community. I had to reflect on why and how they obtained these material possessions. Many of the people that acquired expensive possessions obtained those items with illegal activity. I came to a point in my life where I had to make a decision. I wanted to acquire wealth, power, and respect. I had to decide if I wanted to acquire these things the positive way or the negative way.

HIP: How have those challenges benefited your strides towards success and commitment to community?
HONSON:When I think about great men like Martin Luther King Jr., I am inspired to hold on to my dreams and make my dreams come true. I have a dream of becoming a great leader through impacting the community in a positive way. I would also like to become a leader who seeks justice for his people who are disenfranchised and misinformed. In the past there were times when I did not have the confidence I have today, but there were positive people in my community, such as teachers and community leaders, who helped to improve my self confidence. In return, I was able to dream again and have some of my dreams come true. Therefore, I would like to give the community the same hope that was given to me.

HIP: What encouragement can you offer to our readers who regarding the empowerment of success, endurance and the power of leadership?

HONSON:Well, I would like to close out with this quote by Orson F. Whitney, “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable, more worthy to be called the children of God … and it is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven.” And my friend, this sums up my whole point, life is not a straight path there’s curves, bumps, forks, and circles. No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.

HIP: JUST POWERFUL!!! We truly hope that this interview has not only blessed someone who is in search of knowledge and inspiring motivation, but also someone who can relate to its message of endurance and forward motion with the end of the journey in mind. Mr. Honson Luma, HIP Enterprise appreciates your generosity of time, but more so, we thank you for your wisdom you’ve provided during this snapshot interview on today. We have no doubt that your efforts will go unnoticed and it is our hope that your stride encourages another who may be at the breakout or breakthrough of self-discovery or self-reflection to own their own destiny and decide the course. Know that you are an example and we appreciate your contributions of yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever.

We sincerely hope that our readers additionally appreciate both your vulnerability and authenticity during this interview and special thanks to our readers for visiting once again. You are our reason for persisting and we hope that we’re doing all we can to keep you HIP, elated, and motivated!!!! Please know that you’re your comments and feedbacks are always welcomed. HIPpies, let’s hear it once again for HIP’s Local Celebrity Success for March 2013… Mr. Honson Luma! As always…. #getHIP #stayHIP

**For more information or to connect with Mr. Luma, do so by visiting his website at http://www.spaceageuniversity.com or http://www. honsonluma.wordpress.com. Honson is also available on Twitter at @hluma1980

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