About Me

Honson Luma is social, active, friendly, non-aggressive and diplomatic.  He relies heavily on his charm, personality and persuasiveness to achieve his goals. He likes to get things right and can become anxious if he does not clearly understand what is required of him.  Honson Luma tends to be excessively self-critical at times.  He has the ability to decipher, with enthusiasm, the ideas and concepts of others, even if they are of a rather detailed or technical nature.  He is non-demanding and may encounter difficulty in disciplining and in making unpopular decisions.

Honson Luma enjoys working with others and will continually seek a variety of both people and activities. While he can apply himself to detail, it is important to realize that he is not administratively oriented.  He can therefore become bored with routine or repetitive work.  Honson Luma is a natural communicator but may have a tendency to talk too much.   He is flexible and energetic, and strives to have several activities going on at once.

Currently I’m pursuing a doctoral degree in Community College Leadership Program at Morgan State University.  I am determined to obtain this Degree because an ED.d degree in the field of higher education will help me acquire the opportunity to help the urban community colleges in ways that are so powerful.  I will be a voice for people who are ignored.  I will be a positive black male role model for the urban communities.  I will provide hope for those who are hopeless.  All of these factors can be accomplished by helping to create resources that are not assessable to people in lower economic communities, such as Baltimore Maryland.

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