The so called fiscal cliff is over!


Alright, now that the so called fiscal cliff is over, we can rest knowing that the measure that sought to maintain tax cuts for most Americans but increase rates on the wealthy passed the Democratic-led Senate overwhelmingly early yesterday”. Sounds like great news! However, did any one sat down and think about the impact this may have on the poor & the middle class? I bet not. This is just ole common sense to me, the rich only main concern is to gain profits on goods distributed. If taxes are going to impact profit margins for the year than the rich only choice, is to raise price on goods. As African Americans in the United States, we are the major consumers and we will continue to over spend while wages are sustained. So before you decide to throw a party on this huge “milestone for middle class” think about what this will mean to your savings this year when doing transactions at the grocery store. I certainly will be watching consumer prices this year and be frugal. Like I say this year, my motto is to INVEST, SALE & SAVE!!!!




God Bless America.