Vision Statement

The vision is to no longer be dependent on a job, making someone else rich off our own talents. Instead, we want to use our time and freedom to do things we love. Therefore, a very interesting component will be implemented within this business model and that will be a life coach.  A life coach’s sole purpose is to help you focus on what you wish to achieve in your life. Your coach reminds you of your strengths, helps you to feel better about yourself and gives you valuable feedback on your thoughts and behavior to support you in moving forward. The focus is on positive change: stating this is where I am now, what do I want next?

Furthermore, with the great disparities amongst our young African-American males, my vision is to also go to different middle schools and high schools and have forums about effective strategies on how to maneuver through life obstacles and challenges. Moreover, to help successfully prepare these young men for transitions from middle school to high school and from high school to college.   Ever since I was a boy, I was told and taught that I would be a failure in life.  Books that I read in school informed me that black men who grow up in urban areas would end up with a criminal record or dead by the age of twenty-five. According to the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Youth At-risk (2010), many young people and their families, especially in the inner cities, face serious problems that greatly increase their “risk” of behavioral problems.  Among these problems are severe abuse, chronic neglect, poor and violent neighborhoods, severe mental and physical health needs, emotional or behavioral problems, gangs, poor peer groups, and lack of educational options (American Bar Association, 2010). Furthermore, books also informed me that young males between the ages of twelve and twenty-one who live in urban areas are most likely to become arrested at least one time for a violent crime or for a drug related activity. Young African-American males rank among the highest percentage of students who choose to leave school prior to high school graduation (Paschall, Ringwalt, & Flewelling, 2003, p. 15).  While these young men are under-represented in high school graduating classes they are over represented in the penal systems in the United States.  In addition, the fathers are not being role models for their children while the streets are raising these black boys.  In return according to Paschall (2003), the juvenile detention centers and adult prison are flocked with young African-American males

Even though there are many negative factors that play a role in a young male’s life who lives in an urban area, those factors were never discussed in school.  That’s even the more reason for Space Age Investment Group/Consultant, to assist in the shaping of the young minds at the same time creating financial freedom for our communities.


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Paschall, M.J., Ringwalt, C.L., & Flewelling, R.L. (2003).  Effects of parenting, father

absence, and affiliation with delinquent peers on delinquent behavior among African-American male adolescents. Adolescence, 38, 15-34

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